The building that stood at 9400 Corporation Drive was originally constructed in 1965 by Hubbard Feed & Grain. Three years later, in 1968, Hubbard decided to add an office and a warehouse to help store and facilitate grain sales. The lot is 4.71 acres and the mill was approximately 39,000 square feet in size and stood close to 130 feet in the air.

In late summer of 2012 Casey-Bertram Demolition was awarded the job at 9400 Corporation Drive in Indianapolis. In October of 2012 demolition commenced to bring down the 130 foot tall grain mill.  Since the grain mill was too tall for an excavator to safely bring down the structure, a crane and wrecking ball were brought in to do the job.

After taking the structure down to a safe level, excavators started to gnaw away at what was remaining, until finally bringing down what was left. While all the demolition was taking place, it was important that our operators separate the material into separate piles such as trash, concrete/block, and steel. The separation of materials is important because Casey-Bertram Demolition aims to reduce the amount of trash and reuse or recycle what is leftover.

Once the trash and steel had been hauled off site, Bulldog Crushing was contracted to crush all of the remaining concrete and asphalt that had been on the site. The crushed concrete/asphalt will be used as backfill on the site to help with drainage and grading.