Casey-Bertram has salvaged and re-erected all the structures at our Indianapolis facility.  We are truly a "green" demolition contractor, as we work to salvage and recycle as many materials as possible from our Indiana demolition projects.  To view some of our recent demolition salvage items, visit our Architectural Salvage Store.  

How Our Facility Was Built

Our metals sorting building was originally located on a farm in Fishers, Indiana. The equipment service building was formerly at 16th & Martin Luther King Drive. Our office was relocated from the Riverside Golf Course. In addition to the building structures, many of the items used to construct our facility have been salvaged from various commercial and residential demolition projects. Some of the items include fencing, recycled concrete/asphalt, security lights, interior doors, frames, lights, HVAC units, and plumbing fixtures. By salvaging and reusing good materials, Casey-Bertram has reduced dumpster loads to landfills while constructing our own 3.5 acre facility

Our "Green" Facility

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