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Industrial projects are some of the most complex in the industry with environments that require surgical precision.

Due to the increased size and scope of most industrial projects, they require larger equipment and attachments to complete the work.  Casey-Bertram owns and operates their own fleet of well maintained equipment with various attachments (shears, processors, hammers) to get the job done right.  Casey-Bertram also has some of the most experienced operators in the area with 30-40 years of  seat time.

Industrial projects often include only the removal of select structures inside of an existing facility.  Casey-Bertram coordinates the planning phase for utility disconnects & rerouting, environmental inspections & notifications, structure separation, barricades, traffic control, etc. to ensure that the projects are completed safely.

Industrial Demolition Portfolio

Our Industrial demolition portfolio contains various types of demolition projects including:

  • Smokestack demolition
  • Silo demolition
  • Factory demolition
  • Racetrack demolition
  • Convention center demolition
  • Military Base demolition
  • Governmental facilities demolition

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