Woodfield Center was constructed in 1988 and has had several different tenants throughout the 25 years of it being open. Unfortunately, it has not attracted many customers due to it being blocked by an on ramp to I-465 and below the 86th Street grading. It is in a prime location that is only minutes away from the Keystone at the Crossing Mall.

Luckily, before the construction of the new development could take place there had to be demolition. That is where Casey-Bertram Demolition came into the picture. Casey-Bertram was awarded the demolition contract by Shiel Sexton, the general contractor of the project.

The old Woodfield Center was a one story retail center made of wood, concrete, and steel. The strip mall consisted of 2 “L” shaped buildings, one on top of the other, to create a square. The buildings were separated by a shipping lane that opened up to the rear of each shop.

The new development that is going to be going into this site looks to be very promising for the area as it will boast a restaurant along with retail on the first floor and 3 stories of living space above that. To allow the tenants that are moving into the building room to park, there will be an underground parking area. The building will be named IronWorks and resemble a more traditional look with an up-to-date feel.

Casey-Bertram started demolition by starting on the Northeast corner of the building and following the shape of the building around the complex. Casey-Bertram utilized excavators to methodically knock down components of the building. These components were then separated into piles as deconstruction took place. The use of a skid-steer helped to keep the jobsite and slab that was left behind clear of hazards and debris. After the buildings were completely taken down the excavators were used to tear up the concrete slab and footers that were buried in the ground.

Casey-Bertram Demolition is always proud to be a part of projects that help to grow and expand local economies, which in turn helps bring in new businesses to the surrounding Indianapolis areas.